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How could a glass balustrade enhance the look of my home?

Thursday 27th April, 2017


Glass balustrades are the epitome of contemporary, urban design and as such are often associated with ultra-modern commercial building schemes.

But there is such a vast array of beautiful glass balustrade styles, they can just as easily enhance a home’s design as they can commercial or public buildings.

Whether your scheme of choice is minimalist or rustic, traditional or contemporary, there is a style of glass balustrade to suit you, meaning you too can benefit from all the advantages associated with these striking design features.

Where to install a glass balustrade in your home


Whether it’s to upgrade your staircase and landing, or make a balcony, terrace or – if you’re lucky enough – swimming pool safe, a glass balustrade is the perfect design solution for the home.

Glass balustrades allow light to flow through the home, so dark and gloomy staircases can become light and airy, and there are a multitude of design options to choose from.

One of the most cost-effective and simple options is to simply replace the spindles in your old staircase with one or more panes of toughened glass.

This has the effect of completely modernising the traditional staircase, allowing light to flood through and visually opening up the space.

Or of course, you can also opt to have a complete overhaul and install a new frame with infill toughened glass panels, or go for a sleek frameless design.

There’s also a vast choice when it comes to handrails. Wooden or steel handrails can sit on the frame or, for frameless balustrades, can be mounted to the top or the face of the glass.

laminated_glass_balustradeOr of course, you can choose to do away with the handrail altogether for a truly minimalist look.

This beautiful example, installed by Peterlee Glass, consisted of a series of frameless laminated glass panels, which as well as being a striking feature in its own right, also helped to display the beauty of the wooden stairs to their full.

Glass balustrades as an exterior feature

Of course, glass balustrades aren’t only suitable for inside the home – they also make stunning features for house exteriors.

They are the perfect option for balconies and terraces, providing a far safer alternative to railings, while allowing uninterrupted views of the surrounding scenery. If privacy is a concern, you can choose to have your balustrade constructed in frosted or painted glass, which still allows light to pass through, but provides a screen from any passersby.

Whichever option you go for, choosing a trusted and reputable glass supplier is a must. Glass balustrades should always be fabricated in a safety glass, such as toughened or laminated glass.

For more design inspiration, take a look at our image gallery, which features a few of our favourite glass balustrade installations. If you’d like any further technical or design advice, or would like to see glass and fitting samples, get in touch with Peterlee Glass or call into the Trade Centre today.

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