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Our favourite painted glass designs

Wednesday 6th December, 2017

Painted glass is featured in all the best interior home designs at the moment - and it's really no surprise.  Sleek, contemporary, hygienic and easy to maintain – it's a world away from tiles and grouting which peels and discolours over time.

Painted glass splashbacks are such a versatile choice for your kitchen.  We love how these rich, creamy-yellow tones complement the warmth of the cabinets to add depth and texture in this contemporary Philadelphia home.  

  Photo by Jason Snyder



Floor-to-ceiling, vibrant green painted glass a bathroom?  How stylish!   Why settle with grouting and tiles when you could choose the sleek, hygienic lines of a painted glass wall to enhance your bath or shower room? 

Of course, the measurements and installation will need to be absolutely right to ensure the area is fully waterproof - so do choose a trusted supplier like PLG to make sure your painted glass is a perfect fit.

Photo by Luisa Interior Design





Painted glass adds a depth with a vibrant pop of red in this modern, white kitchen, whilst the turquoise painted glass incorporated into the kitchen island makes an impact when combined with the bold, red kitchen stools. 

 Photo by Amitzi Architects




Bright, emerald-green painted glass splashbacks combine beautifully with warm, rustic wooden counters and shelves, adding a splash of colour and a contemporary twist to the traditional Victorian galley kitchen.  Use of clever under-cupboard lighting makes the space feel bright and airy, and we simply love how the zing of the yellow, kitchen appliances draw the look together.  A home we'd love to live in!

Photo by DHV Architects


Painted glass is so incredibly versatile - why limit yourself to kitchen splashbacks, bathrooms and shower rooms?  This super-trendy modern home office space incorporates a vibrant, tangerine-coloured painted glass and makes a bold style statement as a result.  The grey easy-chairs are a perfect compliment to the zesty orange, and we could easily imagine sinking into them to relax.  It's a perfect example of how painted glass can be used in a wide range of settings throughout your home.  Contemporary, fresh and tidy - how could anyone have an excuse for working when your home office is this much fun?

Photo credit 

Peterlee Glass produce a stylish range of colour-backed, decorative non-toughened and toughened painted glass. Our glass has a sleek, modern lustre thanks to a high quality coating on the back. The result is a highly durable, multi-purpose product with limitless design opportunities. 

Our painted glass can be used in a wide variety of domestic, commercial and architectural applications - almost anywhere a contemporary and practical solution is required to enhance an interior space.

For more information, please contact us on 0191 586 3113 or visit our website.

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