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Five top tips for keeping your mirror glass clean and sparkling

Thursday 11th April, 2019

Mirror glass is a must in every home to add an element of space and brightness, but often people can find it difficult to maintain the shiny, sparkly appearance of a brand-new mirror.

Streaks, dust and dirt marks can be frustrating to see and even more frustrating to clean! To help you beat grime, we have provided our top five tips to keeping your mirrors looking as good as new, no matter what.

1. Rid yourself of any dirt and build up

The first step to having streak and dirt-free mirror glass is to get rid of any muck or build up that has worked its way onto the mirror. Spot cleaning using a cotton bud dipped in rubbing alcohol is a great way to remove unwanted grime. Start by making your way down the mirror, targeting any tough spots as you go. This will ensure you have a completely smooth surface when it comes to the full glass clean later on.

2. Use a microfibre cloth

One of the age-old debates when it comes to cleaning mirror glass is what you should use as a cloth. Often, we hear of cleaners preferring unorthodox materials such as newspaper or coffee filters, however we would recommend a microfibre cloth for the best results. As the microfibre cloth is lint-free it will provide a streak free finish to any glass products including mirror glass.

3. Have the right cleaning solution

A vital component to keeping your mirror glass sparkling is the cleaner you apply. You can either use store bought, premade glass cleaning solutions or make your own by mixing one part of vinegar with four parts warm water. If your mirror is particularly dirty, you can also add a drop of washing up liquid to help tear through the grime. For optimum results, ensure the mirror is fully covered in the solution by using a spray bottle when applying.

4. Use the correct technique

The key to guaranteeing your mirror stays streak free is the technique you use when cleaning. Firstly, ensure you have folded your cloth into quarters so that you can rotate to a cleaner surface of the cloth when needed. The best way to avoid leaving marks or lines is to work from left to right, starting at the top and zig-zagging your way to the bottom, ensuring you pay extra attention to any cracks or crevices where dirt could build up.

5. View the mirror from every angle

Lastly, to make sure you have a completely streak free, sparkling finish, view the mirror glass from every angle. The change in prospective will provide different lighting on the mirror and highlight any spots you may have missed or areas that may need another rub over. If you find any parts that have been missed, just apply a small amount of cleaner to your rag, wring the cloth so there is no excess moisture, and then dab the area until clean and dry with the opposite end.

If you would like to find out more about installing mirror glass in your home, get in touch and talk it through with Peterlee Glass. As the North East’s leading glass supplier, we can provide you with advice on all aspects of domestic glass products installation and can even visit your home for a professional survey, just give us a call to arrange a time on 0191 586 3113.

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