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How can glass furniture enhance my home?

Tuesday 21st August, 2018

Why should I invest in glass furniture?

Modern, versatile and stylish glass furniture is the perfect way to transform your space.

Whatever the weather, transparent glass furniture will always keep your house feeling light and bright. Glass furniture also offers the perfect means of creating space and depth within your living space to enhance your home’s aesthetic.  

Glass furniture from Peterlee Glass comes in all shapes and sizes. It can range from items as simple as a table lamp to larger pieces such as a dining table. Being modern and stylish, glass furniture is the perfect addition to any room. Painted glass also comes in a wide range of colours to match any specific decorative theme that you have in mind for each room.

How can I clean my glass furniture?

Unlike wood or steel alternatives, glass furniture is exceptionally durable, and any extra maintenance effort is not essential. However, it never hurts to maintain a pristine surface. To achieve this, you should:

  • Clean the surface using a glass or window cleaner

It is all down to personal choice as to which cleaning products to use. Vinegar and lemon juice, as natural cleaners, are just as effective as synthetic cleaners, and can offer an ideal natural alternative to chemical sprays.

  • Wipe down with a cloth

Again, the choice of cloth is up to you. Microfibre cloths bought from your local store will work well, but alternatively, you might also like to use a simple clean tea-towel. Using a piece of crumpled up newspaper can be very effective to dislodge any debris from the surface of the glass which has collected over time.

Wiping the glass at regular intervals will give your glass furniture a smooth and stunning finish. Removing unwanted light scratches and dirt marks from view will keep the furniture looking extremely impressive – perfect to show off when guests come round!

For more information on removing light scratches from the glass or keeping glass clean, click here to read our additional blogs:

If you haven’t already invested in glass furniture, or to extend your glass furniture range:

Quality is guaranteed when you buy from Peterlee Glass. As the North East’s leading glass supplier, by buying from us, you can be assured that your glass furniture is in good hands, from its production all the way to your front door.

Since 1977, our expertise and craftsmanship has led us to become a well-known and trusted brand,  leading us to becoming renowned for our experience in glass technology and being nominated as one of the best glass manufacturers in the UK.

To discover more about glass furniture within your home and for best-possible service, come and  talk it through with us at Peterlee Glass. To arrange a visit, please call us today on 0191 586 3113.

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