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5 ways to use a glass balustrade as a design feature around the home

Thursday 18th October, 2018

If you’re wondering whether to add a glass balustrade as a feature in your home, Peterlee Glass offer a number of design possibilities to ensure that the final look is tailor-made to your wants and needs.

What are the benefits of a glass balustrade?

  • Space – a glass balustrade, particularly when installed around your staircase/on elevated areas in your home, creates the illusion of an open, more expansive space

  • Light – a major benefit of a glass balustrade is that it will not block any light coming into the building, allowing sunlight to shine through and creating an airy feeling in the home

  • Modern – a glass balustrade is the ideal addition to a modern home. It differs from traditional walls and railings and will add more money to your home’s market value

  • Strong and durable – contrary to popular belief, glass is an incredibly strong material that, once installed, will last for years with little to no maintenance. Its durability ensures that, even over a long period, there won’t be many noticeable changes made to the material

To give you some inspiration for your own home, here are 5 ways to use a glass balustrade as a domestic design feature.

  • Staircase – perhaps the most popular use for a glass balustrade is as a staircase feature. It can be fully framed, semi-framed or frameless dependent on your requirements, and can be made from different types of glass. Whether you want it fitted in amongst an existing wooden staircase, or to be a completely new feature that stands alone, Peterlee Glass can accommodate your wishes.

  • Balcony – why not install a glass balustrade around your indoor/outdoor balcony area? Doing this will ensure that you have a completely unobstructed view of your surroundings.

  • Juliet balcony – alternatively, you could fix a glass balustrade to the external façade of higher floors in your home. This will allow full height French doors to be installed in place of a window, creating more light, better views and an improved sense of space.          

  • Hallway/Landing – a tailor-made glass balustrade in your hallway/landing area would revitalise the space and make it look significantly more modern. Installing a glass balustrade here guarantees that the space will be a statement feature in your home, appearing spacious and open.

  • Garden – want to add the perfect finishing touch to your decking/garden area? Our glass balustrades are stylish and contemporary and will provide an extra touch of class without spoiling any view of your garden.

Don’t be restricted by mainstream glass balustrade options, take a look at Peterlee Glass’s gallery here for ideas and inspiration:

If you would like to know more about installing a glass balustrade in your home, get in touch and talk it through with a member of our customer service team. As the North East’s leading glass supplier, we can provide you with advice on all aspects of domestic glass products installation and can even visit your home for a professional survey. Just give us a call on 0191 586 3113 to arrange a time.

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