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Why choose glass not acrylic for your kitchen splashback?

Monday 25th February, 2019

If you are in the process of having a new kitchen fitted, or you are simply giving your current one a bit of a revamp, you will no doubt be considering the ways in which your splashback will complement the rest of your space.


Off-the-shelf kitchen splashbacks can often seem like the best option. Cheap and cheerful, they’re aesthetically pleasing and get the job done. However, they’re almost always made from acrylic.

Whilst acrylic seemingly offers a number of benefits for kitchen splashbacks - a wide range of colour choices, a high gloss appearance and easy to clean - it isn’t heat resistant. This is a major drawback and means that it cannot be used behind a hob or oven; if it is, over time it will melt and provide inadequate protection to your walls. Acrylic is also likely to mark and scratch easily, so though the initial cost may be low, frequent replacement is necessary if you want your kitchen looking in pristine condition.

With kitchen trends for 2019 calling for splashbacks that move away from pure practicality and instead make a statement in the home, glass splashbacks are by far the best option. Just like a feature wall in a living room, more and more interior designers are designing kitchens in which the splashback is the focal point.

Of course, there’s no denying that each different splashback design will convey a different message about your home. For a sleek, sophisticated look, you could choose a simple black or white colour. Alternatively, go for a bold, bright colour that will bring your kitchen to life. For something even more unique, why not have a splashback produced with a digital image over the top? The opportunities are endless.

Not only this, but glass splashbacks are highly heat resistant, which makes them the number 1 option for both safety and aesthetics. Our glass splashbacks will ensure that your walls are always protected from any damage caused by persistent heat. Plus, because glass is non-porous, it will harbour no bacteria - vital when wanting to keep your kitchen clean and hygienic.

Here at Peterlee Glass, all our glass kitchen splashbacks are made from 6mm toughened glass. This means that your splashback will be durable and remain in peak condition for as long as it is installed.

Whatever your design preference, we can help. If you would like to know more about installing a kitchen splashback from us at Peterlee Glass, get in touch and talk it through with a member of our customer service team. As expert glass suppliers, we can provide helpful advice and can even visit your home for a professional survey. Just give us a call on 0191 586 3113!

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