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Incorporating glass into your bathroom

Wednesday 19th June, 2019

A big domestic glass trend at the moment is the incorporation of glass into your bathroom. Whether you simply want to integrate glass elements in a subtle way, or completely revamp the space to give it that wow factor, here at Peterlee Glass we have all types of glass to suit your wishes.

Our toughened glass shower screens are a fantastic, stylish, and often the most popular, way to incorporate glass into a bathroom space. Not only smart and practical, shower screens are incredibly hygienic and easy to clean. Better yet, shower screens make even the smallest of bathrooms appear lighter and brighter.

Of course, it’s easy to think that glass shower screens are always plain and simple in design, but this needn’t be the case. At Peterlee Glass, we know that having a stylish glass design that reflects the theme and mood of your bathroom space will really bring it to life. For privacy, choose a frosted glass, or go bold with a fun pattern. The possibilities really are endless, and because all our shower screens are made from toughened glass, you can rest assured that your bathroom will be safe as well as stylish.

Shower screens, however, aren’t the only way to incorporate glass into your bathroom. To give you some inspiration, here are some of our favourite additional ways to utilise glass in a bathroom space:


1. Wall art - At Peterlee Glass, we offer a range of Labobel T painted glass perfect for use in a bathroom setting. Why not make your bathroom more exotic with a tropical print, or tranquil with white sand and azure water? The design opportunities are endless, and all our painted glass is strong, safe and highly resistant to water and heat.

2. Mirrored glass - Is your bathroom feeling cramped? One simple solution is mirrors, and hanging them strategically can really expand the space. A mirror across from a window, for example, will reflect the light, making your bathroom brighter, and similarly a mirror hung over the sink will make the space look considerably larger. Better yet, with the endless design possibilities offered here at Peterlee Glass, you can use mirrors to really make a statement. Be it bold or traditional, mirrored glass will really help enhance the look of your bathroom. 

3. Glass tiles - We offer a range of glass tiles in beautiful colours, chic designs and unique shapes that will really make your bathroom stand out. Like our shower screens, glass tiles are low maintenance, easy to clean and will brighten up your bathroom significantly.

To discover more about the glass we offer and for best-possible service, come and talk it through with us at Peterlee Glass. To arrange a visit, please call us today on 0191 586 3113.

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