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How painted glass brings creativity into your home

Thursday 1st August, 2019

The light that streams through the carefully-cut segments of glass, imbued with hues of oranges, yellows and blues illuminate York Minister’s interior, dispersing warmth and colour throughout. The intricate Biblical scenes that dance across the windows of the cathedral at Chartres, France are made from hand-cut glass, each individually and pain-stakingly placed.Collectively, the pieces seem to merge seamlessly together, and create an immersive narrative detailing the birth of Christ that has withstood over eight-hundred years.

These intricate and vibrant stained glass windows are both perfect examples that demonstrate how coloured glass not only enhances the aesthetics of a building, but also helps create and influence the ambience of its environment.

From stained glass to painted

Used for a combination of religious, social and decorative purposes, stained glass is steeped in a rich history that dates back as far as Ancient Rome. However whilst stained glass has traditionally been most prevalent within religious architecture, another form-specifically, painted glass- is increasingly being embraced in contemporary commercial and domestic spaces for its aesthetic and practical qualities. Here at PLG, our painted glass range offers a stylish range of colour backed decorative, non-toughened and toughened glass. It’s high-quality coating on the back makes the glass highly durable, whilst also giving it a sleek, modern lustre. Whilst this serves well in large commercial spaces, painted glass can also be used to bring colour, creativity and charm into the home, too.

Modern, low-maintenance and fashionably minimalist

For example, a bathroom can be brightened through the addition of a painted glass shower panel that is simultaneously stylish, and practical due to its wipe-clean surface. The implementation of glass panels in kitchens similarly perform well for these reasons. Painted glass is an ideal addition to, for example, a kitchen glass splashback. Not only does its durability and low maintenance work well for its environment, the flash of colour interjects and uplifts a monotone colour scheme, and provides a cheerful backdrop whilst you wine, dine and socialise.

Decorative glass is also a simple, yet highly effective way to create a statement feature that consolidates the sleek, modern and contemporary ‘feel’ to your home. Our painted glass can be applied to a myriad of outside and inside everyday objects and furniture, including display units, shelves, room partitions and tables.


Toughened Glass

PLG are also proud to offer Lacobel T, a painted glass range that can be immediately cut and toughened by processors at the plant, simplifying the production process and accelerating the delivery time. Available in 15 colours, this glass is strong, safe and highly resistant to heat, thermal shock and UV making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Get in touch

If you would like further details about our painted glass services, you can call us at +44(0)191 5864626 or message us on, where one of our knowledgeable team members can help.

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